Many things have been able to 'go global.' Some of those things are things like laptops, specific plays, (like Shakespeare,) and different forms of art. One of these things, are cellphones.


Modern Cellphones are global as a rule. As long as you have reception where you are and you have enough money, you can reach anyone else around the world with a phone handy. Many phones are constructed in China, (what isn't?) And some phone companies, like Nokia, are from places other then the US. Nokia is from Finland, and also happens to be one of the top manufacturers of our beloved cell phones at the moment. When you get right down to it, the cell phone may be the most global thing you will ever come across.

Mom and Dad-

My Great-great-grandparents on my dad’s side are from Ireland. They lived there, but my Great-great-great-grandfather fixed up the roof of their house, but because of that their landlord wanted more money. They refused and moved away. We, the Irish, have given the Americans good music, an enthusiastic ally, and Leprechauns! (Yes, the leprechauns are extremely important.) We have also brought you the idea of a four-leaf clover being good luck and we brought you Saint Patrick. We at the Emerald Isle would thank you for your gratitude.