Technology 7b Rachel Levi
Dr Neuage 10-12-07

Beany baby - for cancer

Beany baby - for cancer

Q: Is this bear only made and thought of in America?

The idea of a teddy bear was made in Calofornia. The actual bear was manufactured in China. The nose and eyes were made in Isreal and sent over to japan to add to the bear. The cancer badge was made from Vietnam. The bear was sold to a little girl who was born in London and moved to New york when she was twelve. They both lived happily ever after .

My Family’s contribution to the USA

My family is English we moved to America about one month ago. England is so different to America, mainly in the culture. Britian gave many things to the Americans for example we brought Cadburys chocolate, tea, language and founded the American culture. Although chocolate isn’t such a big part of our lives language and culture are. Without the British the American language would be totally different. We would be eating different foods, living in different places and have a totally different life. I think without the British the Americans would not have had such a great country.